Retail and Payments

“Mobile POS Technologies” revolutionalize retail and payments

Commerce is undergoing a massive transformation in a battle for digital consumers who are shopping on a variety of channels and devices. They expect a more integrated experience that is quick and consistent.

Retailers are now seriously considering mobile POS solutions to address challenges and opportunities in the new connected world. Retailers realize that they cannot monetize well if they don’t deliver the right interaction and user experience. The key challenge for merchants is to provide a seamless, personalized interaction with connected consumers during their digital shopping journeys.

There is an explosive boom of new mobile POS providers helping merchants on the way from Channel to Customer centricity: Payments, CRM, Loyalty, Mobile and POS technology providers are extending their offerings to enable integrated shopping experience. The mobile POS ecosystem has emerged. It is transforming traditional checkout, payment acceptance, and merchant supply chain by enabling improved interaction between merchants and customers.

Mobile POS technologies are bringing new opportunities and challenges for all players along the entire value chain. Mobile POS solutions were initially offered to micro and small merchants with card acceptance functionality. But mPOS isn’t only for micro-merchants anymore. Big retailers want robust mobile POS solutions enabling integration with their complex backend systems. One of the key questions today is: how to securely integrate mobile POS into the customer service experience?